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Interview at SIGGRAPH 2013

Posted by amodal1 in Perceptual Computing on July 25, 2013

This interview took place as RealSense became a product --before the multiple camera releases and new depth sensor usages in various PC and tablet form factors, before LEGO Portal Racers and numerous tablet-based world-facing camera projects, and well before doing explorations of depth-sensing for automotive, robotics, drones, and smart spaces.

Steve Waskul interviewed me for his tech site at SIGGRAPH. I had recently come to Intel’s Perceptual Computing Lab, RealSense didn’t exist yet, and Perceptual Computing was still a very small, experimental group at Intel.

Seeing this video was a reminder of the vibrant energy in the early days in the lab when there were a tiny number of us prototyping and exploring before the real constraints and motivators of product development, business, and marketing drove growth and change. With these came collaborations, learning, and the growing pains of developing a new design and product space. It also brought focus. That focus shifted numerous times in the 3 years that followed this interview. The real challenges of developing an ecosystem of supporting technologies, developers, and consumer awareness became remarkably palpable. It was a gift.

My time at Perceptual Computing was one of the great opportunities in my life. Thank you all who invited me to participate, on whom I relied, and with whom I collaborated along the way.